Applying henna to the skin it is important to follow some important guidelines to get the best color. -- Henna looks different on everyone.


Design will be bright orange at first and then gradually darken to brown. Henna stains take 48 hours to develop. -- Henna stains are darkest during the first 7-10 days, then gradually fade.


Before applying Henna: - If any of the lotions are on the skin, wash with soap and water.


1. LEAVE PASTE ON AS LONG AS POSSIBLE: It is recommended to leave the paste on at least 5-6 hours or more. Leave paste on overnight for best results. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker the stain will be.


2. APPLICATION OF LEMON AND SUGAR: The lemon will react with the henna and moisten the henna. Only when the henna is wet will it be staining the skin, so by re-moistening the henna you will be effectively darkening the colour. The sugar will simply keep the henna sticking to your skin. The more times the process is repeated, the darker the henna.


Once the henna is dry the drying process for henna takes approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on environment and thickness of paste applied to the skin. In the sunlight and in a warm room, the henna will dry relatively fast, approximately 20 minutes.




Henna reacts with the temperature of the body and your hands are feet are the hottest part of the body and will hence darken more than other parts of the body. Henna is a really unusual plant . It reacts with the temperature of your skin, so is not instantly dark brown as some customers assume. Once the henna is dry and begins to flake off, the skin is initially stained a light orange colour. This is normal and you should not panic. Henna darkens through the course of the day. Only when you go to sleep does your body temperature rise and your skin sweat, so this is when the henna is changing colour to dark brown.


4. WRAPPING HENNA TO DARKEN THE COLOUR To turn henna even darker in colour the best method for this is to wrap the skin. By wrapping your skin will stay warm and even sweat. The easiest method is to carefully wrap the dry henna design with toilet paper. If you can bare the uncomfortable feeling, then this method is well worth it.



 5. REMOVE THE PASTE DO NOT USE WATER:  You can use lemon juice or olive oil to remove the paste. Try not to get the area wet for at least 6-12 hours after paste removal although waiting a full 24 hours is best. The less you touch water, the better. Wear gloves when washing dishes if the design is on your hand. The longer you prevent the area from getting wet with water, the better. 


6. MOISTURIZE: Apply some kind of natural oil or butter after the paste is removed to protect henna design and prevent exfoliation.  


If you follow the above guidelines, your henna stain should last 1-3 weeks depending on body location and aftercare.