See the Following tips to help prolong the stain! 

A Good Aftercare will Help last Your Henna stain for about 1-3 weeks.

Before Applying Henna:

  • Exfoliate 1-2 days before your henna application. Henna works by dyeing the top few layers of your skin, and it seems to stain best on Fresh layer of skin and it also helps stain last longer!


  • It is helpful to remove any hair on the area where Henna will be applied minimum 2-3 days before the henna appointment. As this will helps the henna to achieve full contact with your skin and ensure the henna design and henna stain is done evenly. 


  • Before your Henna appointment, we HIGHLY recommend to keep your skin clean and oil/lotion-free. Oils and lotions will block the pores & it will effect the henna from staining well. - Henna Stain very well on DRY SKIN


After - Maintenance: 


First week or 2 of a  strong Henna stain, and last week of fading. However it depends on how quickly your skin exfoliates. 


  • Avoid scrubbing/exfoliating your Skin - instead, wash gently and pat dry. Try using Natural products. 


  • Avoid using hand sanitizers, sunscreens and large amount of water. (washing) 


  • Avoid pools, hot tubs  (chlorine and other chemicals can speed the fading process of your henna stain)


  • Avoid Frequent showering, bathing and swimming will cause the henna to fade much quicker. (Use Gloves if possible)



  • Protect the design with a natural oil such as olive, mustard oil or coconut oil each day, as well as prior to bathing. It will also help keeping your skin moisturized.